TFT Lulu set 8 items build

Lulu TFT set 8 build items

Lulu tft Lulu tft

Glitterlance: Lulu fires a bolt of magic energy at her target, dealing magic damage to the first enemy and to subsequent enemies.

Lulu TFT: 1 cost, Class: Heart, Origin: Gadgeteen

Lulu TFT Items build

TFT Lulu items recommended: jeweled gauntlet, giant slayer, blue buff.

Jeweled GauntletGiant SlayerBlue Buff

Lulu tft items other

Dao điện Statikk Cuồng Đao Guinsoo Quyền Trượng Thiên Thần

Lulu Synergies

Lulu Heart

When Heart units cast their spell, all allies gain stacking Ability Power for the rest of combat.

  • (2)+5 Ability Power
  • (4)+10 Ability Power
  • (6)+10 Ability Power

Lulu Gadgeteen

Every round, Gadgeteens generate a random modified weapon that can be equipped by any unit. These weapons are powerful, but not durable, and fall apart after 2 rounds of use.

Gadgeteens will not make new items to replace items left on the bench.

  • (3) Create 1 item every round
  • (5) Create 2 items every round

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