TFT Sivir set 8 items build

Sivir TFT set 8 build items

Sivir tft Sivir tft

Pizza Delivery: Sivir throws her pizza at her target, dealing a percent of her Attack Damage. It then splits into slices and gets delivered to the 3 nearest allies, healing them.

Sivir TFT: 2 cost, Class: Sureshot, Origin: Civilian

Sivir TFT Items build

TFT Sivir items recommended: infinity edge, giant slayer, deathblade.

Infinity EdgeGiant SlayerDeathblade

Sivir tft items other

Cuồng Đao Guinsoo Diệt Khổng Lồ Vô Cực Kiếm

Sivir Synergies

Sivir Sureshot

Every 5 seconds, Sureshots gain bonus Attack Damage for the rest of combat.

  • (2) +25% Attack Damage
  • (4) +50% Attack Damage

Sivir Civilian

If there is a Civilian alive, all allies are inspired to fight harder to protect them, gaining mana every 2 seconds.

  • (1) +2 mana
  • (2) +5 mana
  • (5) +10 mana

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