TFT Talon set 8 items build

Talon TFT set 8 build items

Talon tft Talon tft

OX-ian Diplomacy: Talon jumps to the furthest unit from the center of the board and stabs them. If this kills them, Talon heals.

Talon TFT: 1 cost, Class: Renegade, Origin: OX Force

Talon TFT Items build

TFT Talon items recommended: jeweled gauntlet, giant slayer, hand of justice.

Jeweled GauntletGiant SlayerHand of Justice

Talon tft items other

Bàn Tay Công Lý Găng Bảo Thạch Quyền Trượng Thiên Thần

Talon Synergies

Talon Renegade

Renegade units deal bonus damage. The last Renegade standing deals more.

  • (3) 30%, 10% Bonus Damage
  • (6) 60%, 20% Bonus Damage

Talon OX Force

Ox Force units gain Attack Speed that increases with their missing percent health.

Ox Force units will fight to their dying breath to defend their city, becoming invulnerable for 1.5 seconds the first time they would die in combat.

  • (2) 5% - 15% Attack Speed.
  • (4) 30% - 60% Attack Speed.
  • (6) 60% - 120% Attack Speed.

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